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关于我们About Us

AM Publishing Limited, an ultra-luxury lifestyle infotainment hub, publishes the popular monthly magazine Apex Manual and the watch magazine World of Luxury Times. This year AM Publishing Limited is launching the ultimate luxury lifestyle online platform www.AMSTYLE.cn .


Apex Manual is an 'Ultra Luxury Lifestyle Magazine' targets at the high net worth individuals in China. It is a monthly publication in simplified Chinese about the “Exclusive Enjoyments and Ownerships in life”. We are a magazine for the discerning few. Our editors are in direct contact with luxury product manufacturers around the world and we obtain firsthand information in a timely manner. Those items feature in our magazine are either extraordinary luxury items or one of a kind that is rare to find or items that will amuse even the most discriminating individuals. Every month in our magazine we feature private jets, super cars, custom yachts, luxury watches, designer jewelry, exclusive real estates, exotic escapes, fine wine & cigars and much more.


World of Luxury Times (WLT)is a magazine about mechanical watches of medium to high level of sophistication. WLT is for readers who are looking for more than a time telling devise on their wrist, for consumers who are interested to understand the beauty of a 500 years old horology tradition. With THREE strategically scheduled issues per year, in May, Oct and Dec, WLT brings timely information to its readers on BaselWorld & SIHH new releases (May); special models, limited editions & technical highlights (Oct); and preview of following year's upcoming products and design trends (Dec). WLT is published in Simplified Chinese to appeal to the majority of the Chinese population. It is a magazine targeted for watch lovers in the Greater China market.


Apex Manual and World of Luxury Times are distributed via an exclusive network of major commercial banks, air-line inflight cabins & VIP lounges, premium hotels, membership clubs, selected book stores and newsstands in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Dalian, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Harbin, Macau & Hong Kong.


AM Publishing Limited 旗下刊物有品位生活杂志《富甲天下》、钟表杂志《時光宝盒》以及专为网上用户提供高端消费品情报的 www.AMSTYLE.cn 网站。




《时光宝盒》(World of Luxury Times)是一本针对中端到高端机械时计的杂志,提供给中国钟表爱好者能了解到更丰富钟表信息的内容。杂志以精简易读和富趣味性的文章把品牌、型號、以致技术介绍给读者。每年5月、10月和12月共出三刊,策略性的安排配合钟表业界的流程。5月号第一时间描述巴塞尔和日内瓦表展的新品。10月号详细分析最新技术及限量/特别版。而12月号则预告来年的设计取向及产品。WLT是一本简体中文刊,主要针对中国最广大的钟表爱好和收藏者。杂志透过特有之网络发行,包括北京、上海、沈阳、大连、成都、重庆、天津、杭州、哈尔滨、澳门及香港之尊贵银行客户、航空公司机舱及机场贵宾室、五星级酒店、俱乐部、指定特选书店及报摊。


科技进步一日千里,在网络世界里资讯范滥,但对向往高品位生活的用户来说,最重要的是准确和快捷的资讯。www.AMSTYLE.cn 给大中华高品位网上用户打造一个新颖富趣味性和实用的奢侈品消費资讯平台。


上海 : (8621) 6289 3283

北京 : (8610) 6567 5489

香港 : (852) 3421 1351

Email : info@am-publishing.com

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